What happens when two geeks live in an apartment together for a summer, communicating mainly in ridiculous sci-fi references and obscure insults? Why, they become a webcomic, of course!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Incoming Transmission

If anyone is actually checking this site on a semi-regular basis I just wanted to let you know that you can expect an update on the morrow. I think Tuesday is a good day for new comics, with intermittent aesthetic goodies strewn about all over the week (i.e. when I scan them and throw them up here.) As I tend to do test-sketches of people/situations before I do the comics I thought I could start a system where I show the tests a day or two before the comics as a sort of preview of silliness to come.

Ah, Monday mornings at work, where I lounge around and do internet things till about 10:07 at which point I can no longer procrastinate without feeling terribly guilty and start actually working on something. While I do wish that /dev/random and similar endeavors could be my job, this really isn't the worst of possible situations to be in at present, and I think Leibniz would heartily agree.

Oh, also, when we get our own blog up and running with vikki's wonderful layout, we're going to begin building a compendium of characters, including guests, recurring or otherwise. Since we only know three people in this world right now, it seems kind of silly, but believe me when I say there are more to come.

I think that shall be all. Now...what to do until 10:07?


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