What happens when two geeks live in an apartment together for a summer, communicating mainly in ridiculous sci-fi references and obscure insults? Why, they become a webcomic, of course!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We break the laws of physics, I get excited.

New comic!

The basic empathic rating is a continuing reference to Doctor Who. The Free Software Song is a sort of hacker anthem written by none other than Richard Stallman, of GNU Emacs fame. The lyrics are fine, but his rendition of the song is absolutely horrific. (Part of the problem is that he wrote it to an obscure Bulgarian dance tune).

We hope you enjoyed this week's comic, dear readers (all five of you). There should be some goodies to come before next Tuesday's post.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Incoming Transmission

If anyone is actually checking this site on a semi-regular basis I just wanted to let you know that you can expect an update on the morrow. I think Tuesday is a good day for new comics, with intermittent aesthetic goodies strewn about all over the week (i.e. when I scan them and throw them up here.) As I tend to do test-sketches of people/situations before I do the comics I thought I could start a system where I show the tests a day or two before the comics as a sort of preview of silliness to come.

Ah, Monday mornings at work, where I lounge around and do internet things till about 10:07 at which point I can no longer procrastinate without feeling terribly guilty and start actually working on something. While I do wish that /dev/random and similar endeavors could be my job, this really isn't the worst of possible situations to be in at present, and I think Leibniz would heartily agree.

Oh, also, when we get our own blog up and running with vikki's wonderful layout, we're going to begin building a compendium of characters, including guests, recurring or otherwise. Since we only know three people in this world right now, it seems kind of silly, but believe me when I say there are more to come.

I think that shall be all. Now...what to do until 10:07?